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Image and video capture from virtual any kind of source (camera, scanner, video device).

WDM devices (USB and Firewire cameras, DV camcorders, video frame grabbers etc.), Jenoptik ProgRess USB cameras, Nikon lab cameras (U1, U2, DS1-QM), other microscopy and machine vision cameras (PixelLink, DeltaPix), Canon compact and SLR digital cameras, Nikon compact digital cameras ("Coolpix" models), Olympus compact digital cameras ("Cammedia" models).


Other cameras and devices can be easily supported by adding new plugin drivers.


See detailed list of cameras here.


Remote control of the device.


Acquisition, measurement and analysis of

digital media in microscopy and machine vision.

Image processing, annotation & measurement.

Easy calibration with different measurement units. Up to 20 calibrations can be defined and stored. Unit ruler, cross sight and resizeable unit grid on screen.


Measurements and annotations (also on live video) with many objects available:

ellipse, rectangle, arrow, text, dimension, angle, bezier curve region, freehand region, counter, mask.


Flexible image processing by image filter chain.

Filters can be arranged in predefined sets, saved and restored. Among available filters are: segmentation filters (threshold, auto- and adaptive threshold, edge detection), morphology filters (open/close, dilation/erosion, blur/enhance), colour filters (channel separation, colour correction, selective colour selection and remapping).


Auto tracing and object auto detection feature.


Template based RichText/HTML report generation.


Intuitive user interface. Unlimited undo/redo.


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